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EyeROV solutions can be very effective for SAR operations
- Can be employed in very murky waters
- Can be attached with payloads like Gripper Arm for Recovery
- It can also carry various sonar payloads

Research Organizations can use EyeROV Remotely Operated Vehicles for
- Testing Sensors as an Underwater Platform
- To retrieve and find objects/payloads underwater
- Oceanographic Study

EyeROV’s products find a variety of applications in defense such as
- Search and Recovery (SAR)
- Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
- Port Security
- Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)

EyeROV can be used for inspection of caged fish farms to detect damaged nets, dead fishes, etc...

Our Services

EyeROV has an experienced crew that can execute inspection projects and deliver desired outputs. The team consists of
1. Supervisor
2. ROV Pilot
3. ROV Co-Pilot
4. ROV Technician

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EVAP(EyeROV Visualization and Analytics Platform)
Data Overlay

Overlay of telemetry data (like depth, heading) from ROV to the real-time video stream. Selected parameters can be added to the video at any location

Software report

Provide International Standard Inspection Reports. Optimizing inspection videos into a single place. Geotagging of anomalies .

Image and video enhancement

Color-Correction of Video or Image. Dehazing of Videos or Images. Deep-learning methods for enhancing the original image without affecting the quality of the images

Report management

Customized report creation . Manage all reports in a single place. Historical data analytics

EyeROV is a fast-growing marine robotics company

EyeROV is a fast-growing marine robotics company providing products and solutions in the field of the underwater domain. EyeROV has built indigenous underwater drones/remotely operated vehicles and has been supplied to various defense and research organizations etc… EyeROV also provides Underwater ROV Inspection services to Dams, Bridges, Oil & Gas, Ports, Shipping.

Founded by

EyeROV was founded in 2016 by scientists and engineers with strong academic (Johns T Mathai - IIT Delhi, Kannappa Palaniappan - IIT Madras) and industry pedigree (Samsung, Grey Orange Robotics, and National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT)) and prior experience in building underwater systems and robotics products. The company is located in Kochi, Kerala, supported by Kerala Startup Mission and Maker Village (Meity, Govt. Of India and Govt of Kerala Incubator)

  • Systematic Safer and Efficient Inspections using Remotely Operated Vehicles
  • Ability to customize the ROV for Client Scope and Requirements
  • Advanced Reporting Data Analytics and Visualization Platform powered by AI & ML
  • Ability to work in very Murky Water Conditions
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