IROV Technologies is an Indian ROV (underwater drone) technology company headquartered in the District of Ernakulam, Kerala, India.Our vision is to disrupt the underwater critical infrastructure inspections industry. EyeROV  TUNA, our first product – a smart and efficient micro-ROV(Remotely Operated Vehicle)/underwater drone is our first step towards this vision. The company recently got recognition from BPCL Project Ankur startup scheme and Kerala Startup Mission Idea Grant Scheme. The company is founded by Johns T Mathai,  IIT Delhi & Kannappa Palaniappan P, IIT Madras Alumnus. Johns has worked in Samsung R&D Bangalore and Grey Orange Robotics for a span of 3+ years. Kannappa has Industrial experience working in Saint Gobain and  National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT). The company also has reputed mentors and advisors from ex-DRDO, ex-Navy and the Marine Industry.

The company is now incubated at Maker Village, Kochi an initiative of Govt of India and Govt of Kerala. We would like to thank people who have extensively supported us – Young Scientist Center (YSC-NPOL), Maker Village Kochi Team, Kerala Startup Mission Team, NASSCOM, our mentors Unnikrishnan, Sijo, Niju, Sandith, Cdr. Shibu, Uday and our manufacturing partners etc….

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During the inspection the ROV was capable of providing HD quality videos of the rudder and propellers, which were satisfactory. Also the vehicle was found safe operationally and was maneuverable in tight spaces too. The videos of underwater structures were also live streamed and with which we were able to guide the vehicle to required points of interest to have close visuals.
Overall the demonstration was satisfactory and we expect to employ the ROVs of IROV Technologies Pvt Ltd further when future requirements arises.