SAR Operation At Ranjit Sagar DAM

SAR Operation At Ranjit Sagar DAM

In 2021 August, Eyerov participated in a search and rescue mission along with the Indian Navy. A Helicopter was crashed in Ranjit Sagar dam, near Pathankot. An underwater ROV equipped with High definition camera, Side-scan Sonar, and Imaging sonar was employed for the mission and team Eyerov Successfully spotted the location of helicopter parts and dead bodies at a depth of around 80 meters.

Site conditions

  • A water depth of 80-90m 

  • Very Poor water visibility 

  • Accurate location or coordinates were not available

  • We reached the after  6 days of incident

Execution Plan

ROV was deployed from a boat near to the suspected area and Sidescan sonar was employed to find suspicious objects. ROV Navigated near to the suspected objects using coordinates given by imaging sonar To a depth of 78 meters swept the area around that region to find visual confirmation of the subject . Once it reached the object, the High Definition camera was giving a live stream to the control station and a subject was spotted clearly in the camera visual.

EyeROV Solution

Since the water visibility was very poor, A combination of side-scan sonar and imaging sonar was used to locate the suspected areas. When we found such points, the ROV will be navigated near to the suspected objects. Once the ROV reaches near to the objects, Camera visuals can be used to view the objects.


The areas that were inspected included:-                     

  • Subject

  • Helicopter parts

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