SAR Operation - Kasaragod murder case

SAR Operation - Kasaragod murder case

In 2019 October, team eyerov participated in a search and rescue operation with Kerala police related to a murder case, at Kasaragod. According to police, the culprit put the dead body inside a plastic sack and carried it to Thekkil bridge on the National Highway. He tied a  large stone to the sack and threw the body into the river from the bridge. An underwater ROV with side-scan sonar was employed for the search operation and we spotted a few suspected objects.

Site conditions

  • A water depth of 5m

  • Very Poor water visibility 

  • Accurate location or coordinates were not available

Execution Plan

ROV deployed from a boat near to the suspected area and Sidescan sonar was employed to find suspicious objects. ROV was in toing mode and side scan visuals were monitored. A water depth of 5m was  found from sonar data and a few suspicious objects were spotted. Dimensions of the objects were very similar to a human body. All the spotted objects were informed to police and their divers did the recovery activities.

EyeROV Solution

Water visibility was very poor and camera visuals were not useful for this operation. An ROV with a side-scan sonar piloted across the river and suspected areas will be informed to the police officials.


Team EyeROV successfully completed the search operation at thekkil river.

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