EyeROV – ROV for Inspection services to Railways

Inspection of Bridge using EyeROV Humpback ( looking at the step feature of the footing)
  • Site     –       Thiruvananthapuram
  • Date    –       16/02/2018
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Introduction :

All bridges are critical assets of national importance and their regular upkeep and maintenance is a mandate for safe transit. As there are hundreds and hundreds of railways bridges across rivers,  which need underwater inspections. Due to lack of safe diving or inspection operations these structures are often at negligence. Continuous battering of water currents, slurry, debris, and man made hazards like boat and ship collisions make these structures vulnerable over time.  Here we are trying underwater vehicles/ Micro ROV’s to solve this pressing problem. High end videography and analysis of critical parts of bridge was inspected with guidance from the Railway Officials of Southern Railways.

Site Information :

Railway Bridge in South India

Bridge has 3 piers and has protection piles around each pier.

Water had decent visibility with visibility upto 2 m underwater.  Water currents were less than 1 Kn then. The day was sunny and hot, but not very humid.

Inspection and Results:

The inspection started at 9 am and was performed for nearly 1 hour. The middle pier ( pier no 2.) was inspected from downstream side through water using ROV EyeROV Humpback. General condition of pier, scouring around the pier and degradation of concrete(if any) etc… where the areas we looked for. Fairly decent photos of the whole bridge was captured at varying depths.

The user had assessed the whole inspection video and inferred that the videos is helping them plan the maintenance of the footing. They have got convincing proof of surface erosion and the coarse aggregates being exposed. Pictures of the inspection is attached below.

Concrete footing view of the step like region.
Erosion of the concrete  in footing