(EyeROV Visualization and Analytics Platform)

a solution for processing data from ROV

EyeROV’s visualization and analytics platform (EVAP) is a solution for processing data from ROV. EVAP consists of components for Enhancing images/videos, Fusing sensor data with visuals, Extracting relevant visual data, Geotagging of data, and Generating software inspection reports. The Video Enhancement component uses conventional image processing techniques and deep learning methods forget the best of both worlds. With the rapid advancements in imaging techniques and specialized photography hardware and tools, the future seems more crisp and clear for the underwater world. We at EyeROV thrive to stay on top of the wave to catch hold of the advanced techniques and deliver the best results to our clients.

Our Features
Data Overlay

Overlay of telemetry data (like depth, heading) from ROV to the real-time video stream. Selected parameters can be added to the video at any location

Software report

Provide International Standard Inspection Reports. Optimizing inspection videos into a single place. Geotagging of anomalies .

Image and video enhancement

Color-Correction of Video or Image. Dehazing of Videos or Images. Deep-learning methods for enhancing the original image without affecting the quality of the images

Report management

Customized report creation . Manage all reports in a single place. Historical data analytics .