The EyeROV TROUT can reach depths up to 300 meters below the surface of water and is linked to the surface via a 400m long neutrally buoyant tether cable which carries both power and data. , this ROV offers unparalleled maneuverability, autonomous navigation and advanced imaging capabilities suited for the most challenging environments.

The onboard payloads include a dual frequency multibeam imaging sonar that produces superior visuals even in the murkiest of waters, a multifunctional robotic arm equipped with grabbing, rope cutting and recovery attachments, a state-of-the-art underwater positioning systems and non destructive testing (NDT) equipment, making the EyeROV TROUT suitable for a variety of missions such as search & rescue (SAR), mine countermeasures (MCM), ship hull inspections, intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance (ISR), oceanographic data gathering and more.

The ROV system also comprises a comprehensive software suite, allowing for simultaneous views of multiple 4K video cameras, imaging SONAR, all onboard sensor data as well as positioning the ROV on S63 Electronic Navigation Charts. The EyeROV TROUT is also capable of advanced autonomous navigation capabilities, including GPS waypoint navigation, station keeping, programmable survey paths and return to home.

EyeROV TROUT is a military grade underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) indigenously developed for the Indian Navy by EyeROV, as part of the DISC-7 SPRINT challenge of IDEX.

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