Dams are critical underwater infrastructure for multipurpose uses. They are mainly used for irrigation, power generation, and the supply of water for drinking and industrial purposes. The safety of dams is very important and has to be done in a scientific manner. In addition, an unsafe dam constitutes a hazard to human life. We can use different inspection technologies to ensure the safety of such a large underwater structure.


Deterioration in concrete means Corrosion of reinforcing steel and other embedded metals which can eventually cause cracking. It would be a difficult and time-consuming process if the concrete structure is an underwater one. Human risk is also involved in this case, expert divers are required to do the task. Here is where Underwater ROVs or Underwater drones are so popular. ROVs can be employed to perform visual and sonar inspection techniques and both methods can give vital information regarding the safety of underwater dam structures so that the dam authority can take necessary actions.

Underwater Dam Inspection

A dam structure consists of upstream and downstream sections. Inspection of both these sections is equally important while considering safety. The method of inspection for upstream and downstream will depend on the environmental conditions. it also depends on the clarity of the water, water currents, etc.

High definition cameras are used in ROVs to get real-time underwater video footage. This information will be useful to estimate the amount of damage in concrete dam structures. Visual inspection is preferred when the water clarity is good.

Sonar Survey

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